Wall Panels and their huge benefits

With the rise in technology, industries are setting up not only in its home territory but also expanding globally. The setting up of branches across the world not only need certain idea of business but a well strategic plan. After getting the location for the industry the first and foremost need is the infrastructure. How canone get desirable, high strength, eco-friendly, well-finished building to start with is a big deal.

A country like India having highly populated areas whether residential or corporate, demands extra efforts for a building to be planned and built. Issues like fire get first attention from the architects but one should also keep in mind that if you are planning for an office building, it should be sound proof too along with cost effectiveness.

While construction of such buildings when we focus on quality, all the problems get their solutions accordingly. We just need to look at every single outcome which may come in front of us in the near future. Buildings are generally made with red bricks and cement here in India which we see takes a lot of time and labour. Alternates are available today with not just the quality feature but many more specialities. One such alternate is Samurai wall panel which is the mixture of sand, cement, EPSand calcium silicate board. These panels are basically used for making walls which finds it mandatory to be fire resistant and luckily, it is!

Samurai wall panels are better than conventional walls such as those made with AAC blocks & dry partition walls in every manner. Some of its parameters are below mentioned:

 Because they are made with some unique materials they have some unique advantages too as they are sound proof which increases their demand automatically.
 Construction is hassle-free.
 It has thermal insulation which lowers the carbon footprint of the building, environment friendly along with reducing the cost because they need minimal recurring expense.
 Time of construction decreases to 58% with Samurai panels.
 Less labour required.
 They are easy to work with because of light weight.
 Samurai panels are long lasting and better finish just like the AAC blocks.
 Safe due to its fire resistance quality.
 Financially feasible due to faster construction, less labour, lower maintenance, no decay property.
 Termite damage proof.
 Samurai panels reduce the costs up to 47%.

Nohara comes with immense features with ease of doing and bringing peace of mind to people looking for a sound proof building or house to be in. Exploring to Asia with countries like China, Indonesia and India, this Japanese brand has vast experience and expertise with its idea. You can easily buy wall panels by visiting us at: https://www.nohara.in/