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Nipo Heat Reflective Paints

Nipo Thermoshield+

NTSI is exclusive distributor of Nipo coats in India

Nipo Thermo Shield + is designed through the state-of-the-art technology for excellent solar reflectance, thermal insulation and waterproofing properties. This unique technology make use of core shell – structured titania coated hollow glass bead as pigment. This brings with it, excellent results in Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) index in order to reduce surface temperature of buildings.

  • Excellent solar reflectance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Additional Waterproofing properties
  • Temperature variance up to 5 to12 Degree Celsius
  • 500% elongation
  • Concealing hair line cracks
  • Thermoshield plus beads are better in providing SRI value as compared to any other polymer solution
Standard Colour White
Thermosilica Pigment 55µm particle size
Titania Content Approximately 20% by weight
Total Solar Reflectance Approx. 85%
Elongation 500%
Theoretical Solid Content Approximately 65%
Water  Resistance Good
UV Exposure Good
Water Penetration, average Zero mm. No water penetration
Drying Time Approximately 1 hour for Drying

Approximately 12 hours for Curing

Feel: by Touch Slightly Tacky when cured
  • Old and new concrete roofs
  • Refurbishment of old roofs
  • Roof Tiles
  • Vertical (Concrete/brick) wall
  • Metal sheet roofs for factories

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Nipoclad Primer

Liquid-Applied Polymer Primerx

NipoClad Primer is a water-based environmentally-friendly liquid applied acrylic polymer primer.

It promotes adhesion between the substrate and the subsequent acrylic based waterproofing membrane or wall coating.

For the priming of:

  • Old and new concrete
  • Metal roofs
  • Old clay roof tiles
  • Refurbishment of old roofs
  • Vertical wall
Appearance White Milky Liquid
Resistance to Light Good
Resistance to Aging Good
Flash Point Non Flammable

Approximately 0.2L of NipoClad Primer can cover about 1m2 per coat.

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