Panel Wall Construction- What, Which & Why

Construction systems constitute various building materials for all elements of our homes- walls, floors and roofs. They are varied in forms, shapes, sizes, weight, height which makes us choose as per out suitability. Choosing the best construction material according to the climatic conditions, budget, desired style and distance of supplier from your home, is not an easy task though, one can go through few basic concepts before buying their building materials.

One of the important construction aspects are the wall panel construction. There are 3 categories of wall panels- high mass, low mass, mixed mass wall panels. Along with the equality of the materials, you should be aware of its thermal performance, durability, maintenance needs, and many more. Wall panels have all the above specifications are listed below, have a look:

  1. SIP Panels:SIPs consist of an insulating layer of rigid insulation material sandwiched between two structural skins of sheet metal, plywood, fibre cement or engineered timber. These panel wall systems usually achieve high levels of structural efficiency with high insulation levels.
  1. AAC Block:These blocks are prone to impact damage, provide fair insulation and durability. AAC blocks have low processing impacts as well as moderate transport requirements.
  1. Concrete Block: Block walls when filled with concrete can exceed the embodied energy of brick. They have good thermal mass but low insulation values.
  1. Timber: most common form of low mass wall construction material as it is light weighed, reduce heat loss and can have minimal embodied energy.

From all the above wall panel materials, Structural insulated panels are most preferred ones. SIP panels are most effective as they position the mass where it is most useful in ensuring integrity and insulation. One of the prominent wall panel manufacturers are Nohara, having efficiency in production of SIP panels with modern technology they have affordable rates with years of reliable products & services.