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Modular Support System

MUPRO India Pvt Ltd is the latest subsidiary of MUPRO Germany. It started its operations in India on 18 November 2014. MUPRO as a brand is having 50 years of experience in manufacturing and providing German engineered products for support systems, vibration control technology and fire protection system.

Target Groups Our products are targeted to the installing craftsman with application in all areas of building and industrial installations for example:  Mechanical installations (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration,n sprinkler systems, etc.)  Sanitary installationsn  Plant and pipeline construction  Mining  Tunnels  Clean Room  Industry.

  • Pipe clampsn MUPRO range of pipe clamps provides the perfect solution for every type of application, independently of the type of pipeline system.
  • Support channelsn Specially developed by MUPRO, the support channel system can be used to install pipelines and air ducts ranging from light, medium to heavy loads.
  • Vibration controln MUPRO supplies comprehensive solutions and systems for vibration control or noise control.
  • Fire protectionn MUPRO offers fire-tested attachment systems.
  • Heavy-duty pipe supportsn MUPRO offers a heavy-duty pipe support system specially designed for its application in industrial area.

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