Puff Panel

Synergy Thrislington panel system comprises of pre-fabricated sandwich panels with CFC free polyurethane foam 3 at a density of 40+2kg/m as core and with plain ribbed sheeting made out of pre-painted galvanized/galvalume Steel as facing on both sides.

Synergy PUF panel come with standard Tongue & Groove joint and optional cam locks. Synergy PUF panels are manufactured in the most Modern Continuous and Semi Automatic Panel making line and can be supplied in lengths up to any length. Synergy PUF panels are available in a standard width of 1m and in various thickness to suit the industry requirements. The standard thickness is 30, 40, 50, 60, 80,
100, 120, 150 mm.

Synergy PIR panels system comprises of Pre fabricated sandwich panels with CFC free polyisocyanurate Foam at a 3 density of 45+2 kg/m as core and with plain ribbed sheeting made out of pre-painted Galvanized/gal volume Steel as facings on both the sides.

  • Robust Construction : Termite, water & fire retarding structures safe in earthquake prone areas.
  •  Quick-assembly : Unmatched assembly speed.
  • Attractive designs : Customized to your need with a beautiful & elegant finish.
  •  High quality : Robust, durable structures, built to withstand strong winds & snow loads.
  • Cost Effective : An affordable combination of quality & cost.
  • Insulation : Sandwich insulated panels provide good sound proofing and insulation against hot & cold climates.
  •  Light Structures : Easy to transport & install in remote inaccessible areas including hilly terrains.
  • Long Life : Once installed will match the life of conventional construction.
  • Flexibility in Construction : Can also be erected on steel based frameworks, with floorboards, steel deck etc. based on customer requirements.
  • Density : 40-45 kg / m
  • Temperature Range : (-) 20 C to (+) 110 C,
  • 2 Compressive Strength : 1.851 Kgf/ cm depends upon thickness PSI /
  • KGS / cum : 28.5
  • Fire Property : Self Extinguishing
  • Tensile Strength : 3.4 Kgf/ cm
  • Thermal Conductivity : 0.0214 W/ m-k 2
  • Adhesion Strength : 1.81 Kgf/ cm fire retardent
  • Water Absorption : 0.2%
  • Water Vapors Permeability: 0.11 gm/ Hr/ Sq.m